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January 25 2015

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January 14 2015

Pójdę, przewrócę się, wstanę i pójdę dalej, a kogo to obchodzi jak ja chodzę
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August 08 2014

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February 25 2014

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February 20 2014

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February 04 2014

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February 02 2014

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" … I’m not a sort of natural show-off type, I don’t think, and I’d prefer, frankly, to lose myself or hide behind a character. And if I’m terrified, then that’s what saves me. Because you’re concealing yourself or you’re bringing out another part of yourself that you don’t show in your normal existence.”

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Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter —> London Film Festival, 2006

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January 30 2014

There comes a point where you just go, ultimately, I don’t really give a fuck any more.
— Helena Bonham Carter
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January 29 2014

Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?
— Helena Bonham Carter
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January 28 2014

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January 22 2014

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More here x

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December 26 2013

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December 09 2013

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December 03 2013

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November 18 2013

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October 24 2013

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